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The Skills & Growth Company:

IT Security and Cloud based Software


Time:08:30 - 17:00


Contact:James Rowley



Location:Wychwood Park, Crewe, CW25GP

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This Digital + Seminar will focus on Cloud Based Software and IT Security and will consist of:


Cloud based software


Microsoft Office365 – A walk through of all Office 365 features and Apps. Followed by further real word use of the Microsoft Productivity Suite (Teams & Yammer), this is usually followed by a focus on industry use as well as best practice and can include a feature on the benefits of productivity solutions.  


How hackers break in – and how you can fight back! 


During this seminar, we will focus on how SME businesses can protect themselves from cybercrime in an ever-changing world. 


The Seminar will cover the four stages of a breach and how to minimise your exposure at each stage.


The Four stages are:


Getting a foothold 


Elevating control 


Expand the reach


Short or Long term attack   


We will move on to the Microsoft, Protect, Detect and Respond model looking at the way Microsoft secure their business as well as the businesses they support.


This programme is fully funded through the European Regional Development Fund therefore eligibility criteria applies to access which includes: 


 - Must be an SME (Fewer than 250 employees)


 - Must be trading in Cheshire/Warrington


 - Must operate B2B


 - Turnover must not exceed 50 million Euros  


For more information please contact James.Rowley@Skillsandgrowth.co.uk




Wychwood Park, Crewe